Hello fellow passengers!

Hello fellow passengers!

For those of you I haven't met, my name is A. I'm the ship's entertainment director, and one half of the ship's official band, FORMERLY ALIEN.

As you know from this morning’s broadcast, Earth has been destroyed in the war. We’re safe here at the edge of the galaxy, but we can no longer return home.  

Our parent corporation, Civilization Transport Systems, has asked us to continue cruise operations as normal until new accommodations can be made. This means the wide array of CTS entertainment, leisure, and food you love will continue to be available for all passengers.

For fans of Formerly Alien, I’d like to share a recording from last week’s All-Race Mixer: an original song called “Different.”  

It’s a message of hope: A call to create, from the chaos, the world we want to live in. Each week in January, we'll be releasing another original song.

If you haven't yet seen the show, here is a new video of previous performances from the Arcadia Lounge.


That's all for now. 

I’ll be checking in regularly to make sure all passengers are informed, healthy, and having fun. Hopefully we’ll be headed to our new home soon. 

See you around the ship!

Amy Merrill